Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dead Snow

Last month I finally watched Dead Snow, a Norwegian zombie movie, and cannot stop thinking about it. Let's just say I love this movie and there are going to be some spoilers in my totally non-professional review of it, but I will put those at the end under the all caps underlined spoiler alert.

First off, it is a zombie movie, but not just any zombies, Nazi zombies. I am not very big on horror films but zombies have a special place in my, uh, brains (as does Sam Raimi, see geek below). I think what a lot of zombie movies do now (and Dead Snow is no exception) is make you laugh and cringe at the same time. There are plenty of horror movie cliches which, for me, didn't spoil it. One might say, as my boyfriend did, that some of it was ripped off from Sam Raimi, I say I totally geeked out and got way excited at those parts, I mean who has honored Sam in that way? Brilliant, I say, extra points for that.

Hmm, what more can I say about it before I get to the spoiler goodness? Oh, yes, I did have my inevitable zombie dream and I will talk more about that under spoilers.

The two things I have nightmares about are zombie and dinosaurs, go figure...

So, watch the movie so we can discuss it!! It's on Netflix instant watch!


So the total cliche was "first to have sex dies" and that part made me cringe more than all the intestines, ok, not as much as stitching your own neck, but I keep thinking about her sucking on his finger after he took a shit and...EWWW!

I LOVE the creative use of intestines, and damn there were a lot of those, kinda got used to seeing it.

At the end of the movie I was saying "I don't know if I would want to survive that and have to explain what happened to my friends."

My nightmare about it was I was part of a group investigating what happened (we knew it had to do with zombies) and I kept saying "What am I doing here? Nobody survived to tell us any of this happened!"