Monday, April 16, 2012

Dirty 30

Disclaimer: I am getting over being sick so I may be having trouble with the words and getting them into sentences.

Today begins my trial version of the Whole 30. It's supposed to be 30 days but with my wedding coming up I know I can't go the whole month without straying. I will be strict about it, though, until my bridal shower which is in less than two weeks. I plan to be back on after that until my wedding dinner on May 4th. I say plan because we will be in Las Vegas and I don't know how much Whole 30 food I can find.

I am eating close to the W30 plan as it is (when I am eating right). I've already taken out dairy, grains, and most sugars and processed foods. The foods I am giving up now are coffee and the almond milk and splenda that go in it, and bacon...sweet delicious bacon... It's funny how I'm more upset about cutting out bacon than I am about chocolate. Guess it's just evidence that I traded one food addiction for another.

In addition to changing my eating habits I am going to start working out regularly. I had started to walk Glenn to school in the morning several days a week; a round trip of just under 4.5 miles. I am also going to start kettlebell training this week. I miss swinging the bells so much. I'm even contemplating training for competitions, but I'm getting ahead of myself. And a boot camp/fit club once a week. Yay, variety!

So, in summary:
Whole 30 until my bridal shower
Whole 30 for 30 days after my wedding
Walk Glenn to school at least 2 days a week
KB training 2 days a week
Boot camp Sundays
Kick ASS!

I'd say wish me luck, but I am confident I can do it this time.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back On Track

At the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 I lost quite a bit of weight before finding out I was pregnant. Along with working out 6 days a week I loosely followed a paleo diet. I won't get into many details here but it is based on the notion that we as humans have not evolved enough to eat much differently than our ancient ancestors ate; which means no dairy, grain or processed foods. Now that Grant is here I am ready to get into shape so I'm back to paleo.

There are several things I have noticed since switching back.

First: I am more mindful at how I will feel after eating certain foods. I had done Weight Watchers in the past and lost some weight and felt good, but I was always prone to overeating and cheating and always regretting it after. I would try to reason with myself that I would feel like crap after, but the instant satisfaction of eating the cupcake was too powerful.

Second: My meals are so much more colorful and fun just to look at! When I have made some SAD meals they just look so bland. Chicken breast, rice, noodles, corn, potatoes, bread and even pears or apples when put on a plate together just look gray and blah. Not like this plate of amazingness:
It just looks amazing visually and tastes just as good. So that is how I have been planning my meals, by color and when they are so pleasing to the eye and the taste buds, you cannot go wrong.

Here's to many more tasty, colorful and healthy meals!