Sunday, August 28, 2011

School Daze

I so have not been motivated to stitch after that whole fiasco with the Ranma pattern and I am STILL taking stitches out. I guess it's alright for now since school started and I'm super motivated this semester. The days are long, longer than work days actually but they don't feel like it. It's probably because am having so much fun in the lab! On Tuesday I got to prepare pizza crusts for the cafeteria, made a California quiche for our lunch and prepared about 20 pie crusts. Plus, I get to watch guys cook, bake and clean in the kitchen...*swoon*

Oh yeah, we get fed on lab days!! Some of what we are working on in lab that morning gets served as lunch. Monday was tri-tip, roasted potatoes, biscuits, mushroom pizza, steamed vegetables, minestrone soup and red velvet cupcakes. Tuesday was slow cooked pork ribs, California quiche, dinner rolls, mac and cheese and steamed vegetables.

Oh, and one more thing, tomorrow I get my knives!! This is the style I went with: San Mortiz Elite. I'm glad I don't take after my mom and cut myself easily (I burn myself, lol) because I am told that these knives are so sharp when I get them they will cut me by looking at them *gulp*

So far everyone is so nice and supportive and patient. I can't wait to learn lots more and master all the kitchen tools. I am an ace in the kitchen!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Well, a little update on the Ranma piece. Stupid symbols looked the same so now I have to pull out most of the black on Ranma and redo it in the right color. I guess I'm a little lucky I figured it out now and didn't keep going on it and figure it would turn out anyway and then be even more disappointed. This sets me back more than a week and I was hoping to finish this before the semester started.

Argh , I say ARRRRGH!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make Me Wild Like You

Among my many W.I.P, this is the one I am currently working on and am so excited to get done with it soon! I will honestly be my first non-traditional piece to finish, and the shortest I have taken to finish any cross stitch piece. I am a very slow stitcher and often end up having to redo whole sections because I missed a row or miscounted. I actually had to redo two black sections; Ranma's legs (yes both of them) and Genma's leg >.< I usually pull the thread out so I can reuse it but these were such huge areas I resorted to my seam ripper.

But, I digress, it's coming along nicely now and should be finished by the end of the week! YAY! The only problem after that is do I keep it for myself or stick to my original plan and give it to a friend as a gift...
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