Friday, March 29, 2013

Crossfit Lessons

Since a previous post lamenting the fact that I wanted to do Crossfit but couldn't afford it I found a Groupon for three months at $100 AND joined their Paleo challenge that started just as I was.

This was four weeks ago and I have learned A LOT since then.

I have learned that I HATE running.  I hate it more than burpees, box jumps or jump rope.  I can break down any other exercise into mini-sets and get through it more or less prescribed.  I can't do the same with running.  Those lines seem so far away and get further with every set and it is so much more noticeable when you're walking and everyone else is jogging.  Plus my legs are always so tight it takes more effort to get there and back.

I have learned that I have to stop looking at the WOD before I come in.  If I see running on there, I will try to talk myself out of it.  But, I've had to run twice this week and survived.

I learned that I am so much stronger than I thought.  I was finally told to move on from the beginner's classes when I expressed my fear and apprehension at doing so.  I would look at the numbers everyone else was pulling and told myself I couldn't come close.  Of course I can't; not yet anyway.  But I have twice this week gotten through burpees, box jumps and running along with the more fun stuff like hang power cleans, dead lifts and KB swings.

I learned that even when I feel weak I am still strong.  I am up.  I am doing SOMETHING.  I am doing more than people sitting on the couch.  Overhead squats suck and I feel like if I can jerk 115 lbs I should be able to OHS more than 45, but that's not how they work.  Plus Rx for OHS IS 45 so why am I getting down on myself for that?

I learned I feel better and have more energy on 7 hours of sleep and an early morning workout than I do on 9 hours of sleep and little else.  I'm not sure what the hell is up with that...but when I sleep less and work out I don't have my afternoon crash.  I LOVE that!

I have re-learned how much I love this feeling strong and eating clean.  It's been too long but I'm glad I'm back.  Yes, I drank the Kool Aid...and it's delicious!

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