Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hellos and How-Do-You-Dos

I know it's impossible to get to know someone from one post, but here goes my introduction! Most know me as Kellie, the mild-mannered (most of the time) baking, crafting, preschool teacher, mom to a six year old boy, girlfriend to an almost 30 year-old man and a returning student. Others know me as #43 Sharon My Pain, smart ass, hard hitting (I like to think so) derby girl of the Ventura County Derby Darlin's. Still others may know me as Kelldandy, my online moniker and usually only involves commenting on various blogs. I was mentioned on Feeling Stitchy because of one of my comments on the Lazy Daisy stitch and boy was I in geek heaven.

But, I digress.

I have been on the fence for quite some time on starting another blog, but I wasn't sure on what aspect of my life to focus on; my sewing projects, my weight loss journey, my adventures in cooking...I just knew that I needed to journal. Well, I decided that I am such an awesome person (sarcasm needs its own font) that I should share it all! But, here is the twist for me (very M. Knight Shyamalan, I know, but I vow not to ruin Avatar: The Last Airbender) I am going to be positive! Like my trainer keeps telling me, I am going to OWN my victories! And like my fourth grade teacher said "an error is not a terror."

So welcome to my crazy world and keep reading, because the princess is always in another blog.

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