Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's That Time!

Yeah, I'm going there. I'm not going to make you read it all, but it must be put into writing. My resolutions must be stated! I will admit, I am not in a great state of mind to be posting this, I am still recovering from celebrating the new year and my boy friend's birthday. So without further ado, the list:

1. Lose Weight, Get Healthy
This is the most popular of all time and I think the only time it did not appear on my list was when I was pregnant with my son. The reason this time is different you may ask? I have some weapons in my arsenal: roller derby, kettle bells and my trainer Mike Noritake. All I have to say is "watch out because I'm coming!"

2. Save Money
Another favorite! I keep missing out on things because I didn't plan ahead for them. I have my small accordion file with labels so I can stash the money and adding a second job won't hurt, either. Things I will be getting this year? New skates (I got a good start from family and friends!), a Trophy Queen purse (not a custom one, a sale one) and hopefully a vacation or some kind of get away (there's a large list of conventions I want to go to). I also plan on not scrambling for money come birthday time for my son (in July).

3. Stay Organized
Got a great start on this this past week. I just need to make sure all my things stay this neat and organized. With going back to school, working two jobs, roller derby, training and having my family to care for I cannot afford a messy desk, kitchen, craft area...anything!

4. Read More
I would like to say my goal is a book a month, but I am a terribly slow reader and with school I don't have much time to read. I like to multi-task and cannot do that while reading, but I did get a bed-side lamp so I will be going back to reading before bed. The down side? I train myself to fall asleep to reading, hence, I don't get through much subtitled anime before falling asleep >.<

5. Be My Own Hero/ Own My Victories
I believe this is probably the most important, it is the foundation that will support and drive the others. This was one of Mike's, my trainer's, first lessons to me when I started working with him so I got a good jump start on this one. I have to remember that I am a pretty awesome person and if you don't think so, too bad for you! I am proud to be awkward and dorky and random and believe that knowledge is power (thank you Schoolhouse Rock!).

I think that does it. I will make it a point to check back on these and see how far I've come throughout the year. Happy new year and here's to a healthy, wealthy 2011!

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