Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Year's Baby

Well things have been a bit busy with me, going to school, working, being a mom, a girlfriend. Then the holidays hit and of course I over extend myself a little bit making gifts. I was actually not as bad this year as years past. I also became much more efficient in the kitchen (who would have guessed?) and did a bunch of baking and was able to use that as gifts to family and friends. Oh and there's the little matter of giving birth. Oh boy was my pregnancy full of twists and turns. But in the end I was rewarded with this little miracle:
That's Grant Shawn, born January 1st, 3:01 pm. Little bugger didn't want to share a birthday with Daddy or to be the first one born on New Year's. A little explanation on the name: Grant was what Brian and I agreed on, basically. I wanted Malcolm but Brian wouldn't have it, but after Grant was born, I was too tired to argue my point, plus he didn't look like a Mal anyway. And Shawn; for my good friend that passed away 2-and-a-half years ago due to complications from muscular dystrophy. I always regretted not spending more time with him or that Glenn didn't get to know him. But having Shawn as a middle name will be a reminder of what a great person Shawn was and to not take things for granted.

Well, as I alluded to I did lots of crafting and baking so I will be getting those posted in the near future! So happy new year and happy Valentine's day!

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