Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happiness List

I started setting little goals for myself to accomplish every week.  This week's goals were:
1) finish Pilgrim of the Sky
2) organize instruction manuals and cards
3) make Hello Kitty stockings
4) craft with G1
5) Walk G1to school 3 times
6) Lemon cupcakes

I came up with an idea a month or two ago about making a happiness list.  it's like a chore list but listing things that would make me happier if I did them.  I was spending too much time on the regular cleaning chores and not getting the fun stuff done and accumulating a pile of crafts I wanted to do and books I wanted to read. It was a great idea and worked well, but I quickly forgot about it.  How can you forget about being happy?  Sad how things in life go that way.

So, how did I do on this week's goals?  Surprisingly well!  I feel I kept them fairly realistic and cut down on my hours of mindless internet browsing.  The things that didn't get checked off the list were crafting with G1 and walking G1 to school.  I opted to have a picnic dinner at the park so we could see the eclipse in exchange for the crafting.  But I guess I could count the pinhole camera we made for the eclipse as a craft, so, yay!.  As far as walking no one, including G1 and G2 woke up early enough to walk this whole week.  I got a good kettlebell workout in and ate really well, though.  I also got some things done that weren't on the list that made me feel good such as signing G1 up for soccer, planting stuff and visiting the farmer's market!
G1 using the pinhole camera

Looking forward to next week my goals are:
1) Read half of Primal Blueprint (7% a day (kindle edition))and half of what I have left of Mariel of Redwall (109 pages or 16 pages a day)
2) get to bed by 10:30
3) make the rest of the crib sheets (I think I have 3 to do)
4) Walk G1 to school 2 times
5) organize the papers in my desk and bookshelf

I feel this is a light list but it will take me a while to complete the sheets (at least the first one and the others will probably go faster) and I'm going to my mom's for Memorial Day weekend and I usually don't get much done up there.  Hopefully some reading and possibly some cross stitching.

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