Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekly Goals May 27 to June 2

It's time for a recap of last week's goals.  I want to do these on Sunday, but I was up at my mom's and am a little behind.  Well, to sum it up I failed on most all of the goals I set for myself.  The only one I actually accomplished was organize the papers.  I did go above and beyond that organizational goal and organized my junk drawer.  That is an amazing feat, honestly.  I wish I had pictures to prove how amazing it is.  Ah well.

So, to round out the rest of the list that I didn't get done: I didn't read even close enough to reach one of the milestones in one book and there are a couple of reasons this didn't get done.  One is I didn't get to bed early (which was one of my goals) and two I started watching One Piece again and did that while I was feeding Grant, my usual book reading time.  So, how many pages does reading subtitles count for?

I also didn't walk G1 to school.  When he is out of school, though, I will schedule, as in write it on the calendar a day that we will walk to work.  More specifically I will walk and G1 will ride his bike.  It is a 6 mile round trip and I am almost certain that he will have no problem doing it.  

Nor did I get the crib sheets finished.  I did work on them and they are close but I gave my mom her machine back and have to wait until my machine gets here (I'm getting a new one!!) to finish them.  I have been working on a cross stitching project and hopefully that will get done soon.  I can't wait to share it (the x-stich project and the sewing machine)

Ok, now to my goals for this week:

1) Eat really clean this week.  I have my dinner menus planned and I'm very consistent on breakfast so my only hangup is lunch (and Nutella, but we're out of it).  I need to think about lunch early and eat when I get hungry, not an hour later.  If I stick to it I am going to...

3) Finish Mariel of Redwall.  I can do it this time!

4) Finish the crib sheets, providing my machine comes and I can get it working.  Alternatively, (though I will be working on it until I get my machine) get through 2 colors on the cross stitch.

5)  Organize my flower craft supplies.  I have a drawer that I WANT them to go in, but I think it has fabric in there for projects I planned on working on before G2 got here.  That means I may just put it in a bag for now, but at least they will be contained in one place.

Possible road bumps in my brilliant plans: 

Thursday:  end of the year picnic.  I will be bringing chicken wings and broccoli salad so I can stick to my clean eating.  There is bound to be a fruit and veggie plate to nosh on as well.  

Friday:  I may work in the morning.  It may only change a possible workout for that morning.  That evening is Summerfest at G1's school.  It's an end of the year fundraising carnival.  I will be there possibly for a couple of hours and do not plan on eating there...actually I will state it here: I will not be eating there.  I will bring some snacks and possibly revise dinner plans that night and change it to a crockpot dish.

Oh, an G2 is teething...so who knows what kind of wrench that is going to throw into my week...

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