Monday, August 6, 2012

Post Whole30

Thirty days came and went, quickly.  I'm surprised at how easy the Whole30 turned out to be.  If it was my first foray into Paleo it would have not gone so smoothly, and even following Paleo before I had so much more to look out for on the labels.  Sugars and corn products have sneaky names such as maltodextrin (sugar) and dextrose (corn).  Oh and don't get me started on cellulose!

But, I digress.  I lost 17 pounds without exercise or counting calories, I was never hungry and most of my cravings went away (except chocolate and bacon).  I discovered new ways to cook vegetables.  My favorite happened to be grilled eggplant and served with marinara sauce.  I even had grilled beets!  I since discovered how cheese and milk do not agree with my stomach and how bloated I feel when I have any grains.  Really the only reason I miss bread is because of how easy it is to make a sandwich for lunch (and always makes me think of the the Meat Machine bit from 30 Rock).

So after that Whole30 experience I am super committed to being Paleo.  The real challenge will be when school starts.  I get lunch at school two days a week and it is all LOADED with contraband items like cheese and breads.  But I am confident I can keep this up and I'm sure I will be doing another Whole30 come January (ya know to detox from all the holiday "goodies").

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