Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Stakes

 Last weekend I got a lot done!  These are some things that G1 and I painted.  I have had the garden stakes for years and have been afraid to paint them because they were so plain!  Where were the eyes going to go?  What about legs, or a mouth?  It was open for me to interpret and it scared me.  Well, trying to live by Yoda's wise words of "Try not.  Do or do not; there is no try" I decided to just start painting and see what happened, like any kid would do and how G1 did paint his butterfly.  Well, I could not be happier with the results!  It's probably the cutest frog since Keroppi!  One of the things I am most proud of is the fact that my frog is not perfect and symmetrical and I'm not bothered by it!

Yes there is also a candy corn there.  It will most likely be part of a Halloween frame.  I don't have said frame, but why wait until then?

*I just got an amazing geeky idea for the back of the stakes.  (Does anyone else think of Buffy when stake is mentioned?) Good thing I have not sealed these yet!*

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  1. i love your decorative garden stakes! How cute. I would love to tackle this project as I am starting a garden this year. Eek! Wish me luck!