Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pocky Ice Cream

Sunday I rewarded myself for eating very clean during the week by making Pocky ice cream. I love Pocky and fell in love with it many years ago at anime club.  I have now passed on the Pocky love to G1.

I used the recipe from justJenn recipes. I love her recipes and I end up making at least one of them almost every week.

(I had actually planned on making a different Jenn recipe- Hello Kitty oreos but I happened to have a quart of heavy whipping cream that needed to be used.)

I was bad at taking pictures of the any of the process.  I didn't even get a picture of the end results.  But here's my summary anyway: it was amazing!

A little more in-depth:  I had planned on using chocolate Pocky because I love chocolate, of course, but G1 had slowly eaten all the chocolate Pocky and I was left with strawberry.  I was a bit disappointed and thought about buying some when I went to the store for ice.  I decided against it because regular grocery stores gouge you.  A small box of Pocky at Ralph's was over $2!

The recipe calls for the addition of Pocky during the last 5 minutes.  I don't remember the last time I had used my ice cream maker or how long ice cream would churn until done so I guessed at when the last five minutes would be.  Turns out I was not even close.  I was afraid that the Pocky was going to get soggy being in there so long.  Nobody wants soggy Pocky.

Well, good news, it wasn't soggy AND the ice cream with strawberry Pocky tasted so amazing.  The ice cream base is a perfect vanilla and the crunchy Pocky was the perfect compliment.  I will be making this again some time, but with different flavors of Pocky.

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