Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busy Week

I am on my last few day of base camp and we will see how successful it was when I weigh myself in the morning. It's been a busy week (like the title says!) and didn't get much sewing done...admittedly I could have done more but I got myself hooked on Plants vs Zombies, which I will have to stop playing if I am to pass my classes this semester. I embroidered for a half hour while watching an episode of Soul Eater, and that was it. I was hoping to have those done by now, and I'd like to say I will have the last of these flour sack towels done by the end of the weekend, but I have a bout on Saturday, I have homework to start and my mom will be down for the weekend.

I cannot wait for the bout on Saturday, I felt amazing at practice tonight. I am going to skate hard, smart and strong. Watch out, Sharon is coming. Go Brass Knuckle Betties!!

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