Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Feel Accomplished!

The new year is starting out well with getting things done. I have already finished reading one book and more than half way done with another. I read Castle Roogna, a Xanth novel by Piers Anthony and it was the first one read on my Kindle. The book I am working on now (besides textbooks) is Mattimeo by Brain Jacques which is a Redwall novel (a series theme is evolving).
Another accomplishment is I FINALLY got the embroidered days of the week towels done for Brian's mom. This is an accomplishment not just because it's done but also because I have never done so much embroidery...AND finished it. I tried to use a variety of stitches to test myself and I really enjoy the stem stitch as an alternative to the back stitch. I also had to relearn how to do a French knot just about every time I attempted one, which was very frustrating. I only have pictures of six out of the seven days because I gave her one as a present to show her what was in store (eventually). I am very proud of these and hopefully my next completed project is not too far behind.

I almost forgot, I also finished Soul Eater. I loved it. It was fun and the dubbing was excellent. It makes watching it faster if I can watch it in English (remember I fall asleep while reading) and I can stitch while watching it dubbed. My goal now is to cosplay as Eruka Frog from that series. I am confident I can make this costume, as long as I can get myself into shape to look decent in it. I already have her hair (minus it being white).

On a final note, I thought I would get an email when a comment was posted and I didn't, so I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just dumb. This will change.

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